a musical legacy

over 100 years of making music

The jj Babbitt Company, Inc. is the oldest known manufacturer of mouthpieces for clarinets and saxophones in the industry.

Founded in 1919 by Jesse James Babbitt, the business was family-owned throughout its first century. It continues as a family-owned business into its second century under Steve and Debbie Rorie and their family and remains committed to Elkhart, Indiana as Babbitt’s base of operations.

Our History

During its 100-plus years in business, all jj Babbitt products were—and are—manufactured completely in its Elkhart, Indiana factory. The company has designed and produced millions of mouthpieces, in more than 1,000 different models and is legendary throughout the world for superior craftsmanship and quality control, as well as exceptional value. The company’s products have helped players from novice, to student, to professional—and from virtually every music genre—to not only discover the joy of making music, but also to develop the proficiency to create their own unique sound. The firm’s products are sold internationally to instrument manufacturers, distributors, and players.

As the only company in the United States to mold its own mouthpieces from scratch, jj Babbitt continues to adhere to tough quality standards and keep its long-term commitment to excellence.


Why Choose Us

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Contact Us

2201 Industrial Pkwy,
Elkhart, IN 46516
(574) 293-6514

Email: info@jjbabbitt.com


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