Meyer – JJ Babbitt’s top seller – is one of the world’s finest and best-known mouthpieces.

These mouthpieces are very easy to blow, control and play in tune. The Meyer personality is rich, broad and pleasing to the ear. They are the number one choice of advancing students, college level players and aspiring amateurs looking to capture the legendary sounds of the true “greats” of jazz.

The World’s Most
Popular Mouthpiece


So consistent, so reliable.


We put all our jazz band saxophones on Meyer mouthpieces. Man, what a difference!

Rich, Classic Sound
Flexible & Versatile
So Easy to Play

Tip Openings

  Soprano Sax Alto Sax Tenor Sax Baritone Sax
4M .048 .066 .071 .086
5M .051 .071 .076 .092
6M .054 .076 .081 .098
7M .057 .081 .086 .104
8M .059 .086 .092 .110
9M .061 .092 .098 .117
10M .063 .098 .104 .124

Non published tip openings available on special request for an extra charge and with a no return policy.

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