The World’s most popular mouthpiece

Seeing and hearing is believing.

Players have asked and jj Babbitt is delivering. Introducing new Meyer Bros. mouthpieces for soprano, tenor, and baritone saxophones. These new models are an expansion of the already popular Meyer Bros. alto sax mouthpiece and are now a new collection in jj Babbitt’s Connoisseur Series. The Meyer Bros. Band of Bros. soprano, tenor, and baritone mouthpieces are designed to match the sound and personality profile of the existing alto sax model featuring incredible control with flexible, warm, dark, and powerful sound.

Band of Brothers

New Lineup of Connoisseur Series Meyer Bros. Mouthpieces

With the overwhelming popularity of the Meyer Bros. alto sax mouthpiece we worked hand-in-hand with our artist partner, Mike Smith, to create this exciting new lineup. Mike’s experience as a professional sax player combined with jj Babbitt’s history of unique manufacturing and hand finishing processes allow us to continually develop elite mouthpieces sought-after by professional players world-wide.

The Meyer Bros. Band of Bros. is the answer to converting an entire sax section to a single mouthpiece collection and for the individual player who plays multiple sax instruments and seeks consistent playability. All models are made of vulcanized hard rubber.

Tip Openings

Soprano Alto Tenor Baritone
5M .050 .071 .080 .090
6M .060 .076 .090 .100
7M .065 .081 .100 .110
8M .070 .086 .110 .120

“We put all our jazz band sax’s on Meyer mouthpieces. Man, what a difference.”

“So consistent, so reliable.”

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